Control4 offers the ultimate home automation solution making products and systems you already have and use daily, work together. A smart house by Control4 creates personalised experiences to enhance your life integrating everything from lighting control, music, home theatre, climate control, security and even smartphones and tablets. It provides added convenience, comfort, savings and peace of mind. 

No matter how big or small your automation requirements are, Control4 can cater and adapt to your needs. You'll wonder how you ever lived without home automation!


Control4 offer beautiful products that create intuitive automation solutions for your smart home - elegant one-touch lighting, security, climate controls or sleek touch screens

Dynalite System & Lighting Controls by Philips

Connected Living is a proud designer and installer of Dynalite Control Systems throughout Melbourne and beyond.

The Philips Dynalite range of products consists of - 

  • controllers - to which lighting and other loads are connected
  • user interfaces - that give you the power to interact with the system
  • integration devices - used to connect additional systems so they communicate and perform seamlessly as one.

A comprehensive suite of software products and network accessories completes Dynalite's extensive offering.

Wiring all of your home's circuitry through the Dynalite system, means you have the ability to control any electrical component from any control panel or touch screen you desire.  A single Dynalite touch screen has the ability to control -

  • Lighting - simple on/off to complete lighting scenes
  • Whole home music and video systems
  • AV and home theatre components - such as dimming lights, lowering the projector and playing a movie at the touch of one button
  • Blinds
  • Fans
  • Air conditioning systems with feedback
  • Irrigation
  • LED lighting - including RGB colour control

And anything else you can think of... it is really only limited by your imagination!

Integration of all your home's components with Dynalite allows us to introduce "real" home automation features - features that simplify our daily routines, help save us time, keep our homes secure, and make our homes energy efficient.

A Dynalite integrated and automated home can give us a number of real benefits -

  • Completely transform our environment and create moods to suit any occasion at the touch of a button
  • Secure our homes with automatic alarm activation, automated lighting, panic mode features, security cameras, remote access and more.
  • Save energy as lights and other components are turned off automatically when it is detected those areas are no longer in use.  A goodnight button next to your bed can turn off everything in the home with a single button.  Have your lights dim as natural light becomes available.
  • Enjoyment with entertainment technologies that stream our favourite music and video through our home at the touch of a button.
  • Many many more...

Clipsal C-Bus

Your home is where you live.  With a Clipsal C-Bus system, you can enhance your life within your home.  Let Clipsal C-Bus enhance your lifestyle of convenience, comfort, security, and entertainment!

Imagine pressing a "welcome home" button on a remote control from your car as you pull into your driveway.  Not only does your gate and garage open, but a path of light is lit for you through your hallway to the kitchen or bedroom.  The C-Bus system automatically sets the airconditioner to the temperature you like, and the music system automatically begins playing your favourite tunes.

Now imagine a C-Bus "goodnight" button next to your bed that turns everything off in your home, or lights that turn on and off only as they sense movement in that area to save energy.

C-Bus can be integrated with your home theatre aswell, playing a DVD with the push of a button, the blinds close, and lights dim for the perfect cinema atmosphere.

This is only the beginning of what a C-Bus home control system can do for you.  Let's have a closer look at particular features in your home:

  • Welcome Home - Arrive home and automatically activate your entry, hallway, kitchen and living room lights, as well as climate control or your favourite music or television show.
  • Home Theatre - Dim the lights, close the blinds and automatically begin playing your movie.  Remove all those remote controls!
  • Music Through Your Home - Enjoy your favourite music anywhere as it is distributed throughout your home with C-Bus.
  • Sensors, Timers, Dimmers - Reduce your electricity costs when the C-Bus turns off lights when no-one is in the room, or when it is detected that there is sufficient natural light.
  • Irrigation and Pool - Turn on pool pumps, irrigation, and external lighting from the C-Bus control panels.
  • Night Lights - C-Bus will automatically switch on a path of light for you or the kids when you get up for a late night bathroom or kitchen visit.  The lights can come on at 40% so that they don't hurt your eyes or wake up anyone else.
  • Security - Integrate the C-Bus system with your security.  Turn on all the lights in your home when an intrusion is detected or panic button is pressed.  Light an exit path for your family if smoke alarms are activated.
  • Goodbye - Turn off all the lights and systems in your home when you go out or go to bed.

AMX Control Systems

AMX are a market leader in control systems. AMX is currently used extensively for whole building control and luxury homes. AMX is a fully customisable and smartscaled system which can be designed around a project down to the finest of details.

AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. AMX award-winning products span control and automation, switching, distributed audio and video, and technology management. AMX control technologies are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities, among others.

RTI Controls

Control every system in your home or office from one simple, stylish RTI  Universal Remote Control.

RTI controls make using today's technology easy with a complete line of award-winning home and office control solutions. With the ability to control the home theatre, whole house audio, boardroom, lighting, HVAC, and security to name a few, RTI provides a simple, unified interface for today's home and office control demands.

With a complete lineup of handheld and in-wall controllers, as well as powerful system processors, RTI products can be integrated into virtually any home environment for a truly enjoyable control experience.

With RTI, you can have a variety of user interfaces throughout your home - wall mount touch screens, wall mount panels, and remote controls.  The beauty of RTI is that all the interfaces talk back to the central processor, interfacing a lighting control system, HVAC, home theatre, distributed AV equipment, and much more.  These RTI controls, programmed by our RTI programming specialist, means your entire home is at your fingertips.