Camera Systems

Protect and keep an eye on your home with the latest security camera (or CCTV) systems designed and installed by the professionals at Connected Living.

We have security camera specialists who can design and install a security camera system for your home.  Whether your home is new or not, Connected Living has both wired and wireless security camera technologies to suit your needs.  We can place cameras in any area of your home internally or externally.  Security cameras can be viewed and controlled from a central point in your home, and can also be viewed from your TVs or smartphones with our distributed video technologies. Security cameras can also be programmed to follow and record movements automatically in or outside your home. 

Connected Living can install a system that will automatically record the camera footage in and out of your home and allow you to play back any footage you require at a later stage.  Viewing can be made quickly and simply by showing you only times where movement was detected.

With our IT Service expertise, we can give you access to your security camera system from anywhere in the world via the internet, so you can log in and look what's happening in your home at any time.  Maybe you just want to see what the kids are up to while you are away!

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Wireless Internet

Free yourself from the office by removing the cables.  Wireless internet through wireless networks and access points gives you the freedom to use your computers in any room of your home.

Use your laptop somewhere more comfortable like your living room, or take a change of scenery and go outside on your deck. Connected Living's wireless technologies are trouble-free, even as you roam throughout your home.


Energy Efficient Systems

Energy efficiency and sustainability are more important than ever before.  Connected Living shares this view so we incorporate many energy efficient products and features into our projects.

Automated systems can help you monitor your electricity and water usage more closely, turn off lights and other components in unoccupied areas, or automatically utilise natural light and reduce electrical lighting when daylight is available.