HEOS by Denon

Plug it in - Tap the App - Connect the Wireless - Love the Music!

Denon is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products. And they have launched an exciting new wireless multi-room sound system - HEOS by Denon. You can easily connect to your existing WiFi network to bring quality audio to any or all of your rooms with a smart device application available for both iOS and Android.

The speakers are compact, wireless and elegantly designed, delivering your favourite music from the world's leading online music services and any smart device in the room. If you have more than one speaker, they can work as a multi-room system for your entire home.


HEOS 7 - The ultimate in wireless speaker performance. Has inbuilt tweeters, mid woofers, large subwoofer and amplifier

HEOS 5 - Elegant and absolutely amazing sound from a discreet and stylish powerhouse. Handle allows easy portability 

HEOS 3 - Portable and the perfect place to start. Can be vertically or horizontally placed, and use two for a synchronised stereo pair

HEOS 1 - Amazing big sound from a compact, portable speaker

HEOS 1 GO PACK - Listen to you favourite tracks virtually anywhere. Features - rechargeable battery pack to attach to the HEOS 1 base; bluetooth USB adapter allowing wireless audio streaming; splashguard protecting against splashing water

HEOS EXTEND - Improves your wireless network extending wireless range to every part of your home

HEOS AMP - Turns any speakers into a wireless zone and features the same wireless ease of use as the speakers

HEOS LINK - A wireless pre-amplifier that turns any stereo system into a wireless zone. Play your favourite music from a range of streaming services as     well as your smartphone, tablet, USB drives or other devices. Control your receiver from the HEOS app on your phone or tablet

And products that will be joining the HEOS range soon are the Soundbar and Subwoofer

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Sonos Multi-Room Music System

SONOS WIRELESS HiFi SYSTEM - Forget everything you’ve heard before!

Welcome to a radically new way to listen to music wirelessly with HiFi sound. 

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System lets you stream all the music from around the globe into every room. Start with one room, then expand anywhere to fill your home with wall-to-wall sound. Control all your music with free apps for your Android™ smartphone, iPhone® or iPad®.

  • Stream all the music on earth

Stream your iTunes library, your favorite music services, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows. Think it. Hear it. Discover it. With Sonos you can blast a universe of music in every corner of your home.

  • Wireless, easy to setup

No rewiring. No complex programming. Simply connect a BRIDGE to your wireless router and then start to link all your SONOS players wirelessly with one touch. The BRIDGE gives you the freedom to play your music anywhere in the house.


SONOS PLAY:1 is the new compact wireless speaker that can deliver powerful, crystal clear HiFi sound for an awesome listening experience.

SONOS PLAY:3 is the small, sexy, tuck in a corner, and blow out the roof all-in-one Sonos player. Start streaming and start grooving!

SONOS PLAY:5 delivers the ultimate listening experience with the purest, deepest and most vibrant sound. 

SONOS PLAYBAR fills the room with full theatre HiFi sound. Pair up with a Sub and some speakers from the Play series for a full surround sound experience!

SONOS PLAYBASE provides full theatre sound and music streaming for TVs on stands and furniture

SONOS SUB is the perfect addition to provide soul shaking sound and seamlessly integrates with the other Sonos products at the touch of a button.

SONOS CONNECT turns your stereo or home theatre into a music streaming Sonos system, streaming all the music on earth wirelessly in any room.

SONOS CONNECT:AMP turns your speakers into a music streaming Sonos system with this high powered amplifier, and start streaming.

SONOS BOOST provides unparalleled wireless reliability or create a home theatre setup. Can wirelessly connect with the other Sonos products.

SONOS Controller Apps let you control your Sonos Wireless HiFi System for free right from your Android™ smartphone, tablets, iPhone®, Ipod touch®, or iPad®.

Connected Living is a proud dealer and installer of SONOS. We will design and install systems around Victoria. Contact us now for a free demo and quote

Kramer Electronics AV Distribution Systems

Kramer Electronics have been in the AV business since 1981.  It was founded to enter the video era with innovative products driven by professional customer needs.

Today, Kramer have a line of over 1,000 products.  When you purchase Kramer products, you know you are getting performance, reliability and quality at excellent value for money.

Connected Living can assist you with your Kramer requirements.

Kramer specialise in -

  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Matrix Switchers and Routers
  • Control Systems
  • Format & Standards Converters
  • Range Extenders & Repeaters
  • Specialty AV Products
  • Scan Converters & Scalers
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Room Connectivity
  • Accessories & Rack Adapters

Connected Living are a proud dealer, installer, and programmer of Kramer's leading range of AV products.  Contact Connected Living today to discuss your Kramer Electronics requirements.

Nuvo Music Systems

Listen to your music in any area of your home.

Nuvo systems allow you to do just that.  Imagine listening to your favourite album in your entertainment area from your hidden outdoor speakers while the kids listen to their ipod or mp3s in their bedrooms.

You could even switch on the morning radio from your bathroom shower, or listen to the football game through your sound system speakers for that live effect. 

Nuvo allows you to do all this and more from elegant, stylish control interfaces located on the walls in your chosen areas.  The control interfaces give you complete control of your music sources and display track and album information.  And new Nuvo remote controls now give you full system control from your armchair, so you don't need to get up to change music!

With Nuvo you can play any of the following sources in any room of your home -

  • CDs
  • MP3s
  • AM/FM and Digital Radio
  • Internet Radio

Nuvo is an award winning system, recognised for its power, stylish looks and energy efficiency.