Deezer is an awesome web-based music streaming service, allowing users to listen to a huge music content anytime and anywhere. It can be accessed on various devices online or offline. Created in France, Deezer currently has over 35 million licensed tracks on its library from various record labels, including EMI, Sony, Warner Music and more, and over 30,000 radio channels. Deezer has over 16 million monthly active users and over 6 million paid subscribers, and it is available in over 180 countries worldwide.

Deezer is available via it’s website and on various platforms and devices - computers, tablets, TVS, cars, HiFi systems and applications.  

There are three different account and subscription types –

-        Free – unlimited streaming and available on mobile devices; ads; no offline, TV, radio, car or Chromecast support; standard quality audio

-        Premium+ - $11.99 per month (first 30 days free) - unlimited streaming and available on mobile devices; no ads; offline support; TV, radio, car and Chromecast support; higher audio quality

-        Elite - $24 per month - unlimited streaming and available on mobile devices; no ads; offline support; exclusively available on SONOS; TV, radio, car and Chromecast support; higher audio quality

Here are some of Deezer’s features -

-        App Studio – Has features such as music reviews, lyrics, and playlists

-        Catalogue – The catalogue provides access to all songs which can be searched by artists, albums, genres, labels, titles

-        Crossfader – Deezer’s website allows users to crossfade between songs

-        Equalizer – Has it’s own inbuilt equalizer, allowing users to change the sound of the music being played

-        Explore – This allows users to explore new releases by genre, recommended albums and top picks

-        Flow – Allows users to create an instant and personal radio channel based on their music library and what they’ve been listening to. The more you listen, the more Flow learns your tastes

-        Follow artist – Users can keep up to date about new releases, exclusive tracks, gigs and playlists of their favourite artists

-        Google Chromecast Support – Chromecast will support Deezer apps (in Premium & Elite service), allowing iPhone and Android users to stream music from their phone to television

-        Hear This – Users can discover music they love with a feed powered by favourite tracks, listening habits and Deezer’s own editors

-        HQ Audio Quality – Allows users to choose between various audio quality

- integration – Users can send songs from Deezer to their account

-        LiveBar – Users can discover music by following their friends in real time. Friends can hear tracks that each other are listening to, see albums and playlists and even send messages to each other

-        My MP3 – Users can upload their own MP3 files to Deezer servers (the only online music streaming site that allows this)

-        Offline mode – Premium and Elite users can sync music to their mobile device even without Internet connection

-        Playlists – Users can create and share playlists or edit them together with other users. Downloaded playlists update automatically.

-        Radio Stations & Smartradio – Over 30,000 radio stations to enjoy live. Smartradio automatically generates songs from your selected or similar artists to create your own unique radio station

-        Social media integration – Registered users can integrate their account with Facebook and Twitter. Once the user does this, they can access friends’ favourite music and playlists. Users can also send tracks or playlists to each other. When using Deezer through Facebook, music appears in the feed and will feature a ‘play’ button so you can automatically start playing that song, album or playlist.

-        Travel – Users’ subscriptions are available wherever they are in the world allowing albums and playlists to come with them

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