Speakers are an integral part of a home theatre or music system. And they are also sometimes not the most attractive. However, this can no longer be an issue with invisible speakers.  

Invisible speakers are fully concealed speakers that provide great sound quality and are not an eyesore. And only their performance will remind you that they are there.

They are easy to install - mounted flush in a wall or ceiling then covered with flexible material such as wallpaper or plasterboard and can then be painted over. This can all be done without compromising their performance. They are usually designed to fit between the studs of standard walls.

The invisible speaker has fantastic sound quality having a full range of frequencies and dispersion. They also have optional enclosures that can reduce sound transmission to adjacent rooms. Some brands of these speakers also offer invisible subwoofers!

Your architect, builder, interior designer and you will love the fact that invisible speakers are aesthetically pleasing, with no visual impact at all! For this reason, they have been used in galleries, museums, restaurants and exclusive retail boutiques.

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