Everyone is worthy of a backyard retreat. Sonarray is the highly commended outdoor landscape speaker system by Sonance that can give you this and more. The Sonarray system is an attractive, simple way to bring in superior and evenly dispersed audio to your outdoor space.

Sonarray features eight satellite speakers and a subwoofer that fills up to 180sqm of smooth sound. They hide among the plants so crystal clear music radiates from the garden creating a serene ambience.

The sound quality is amazing and perfectly even. This is acheived by positioning the speakers around the boundary of the garden facing inwards to enclose the space with high quality sound at the perfect volume. Then the mighty subwoofer brings smooth bass throughout the area.

The system won’t disturb your neighbours – this is due to the ability to direct the speakers, so they can be set up facing towards the house and garden and away from the neighbours’ houses (the most common outdoor speaker direction).

Once installed, the speakers are camouflaged among the plants. The subwoofer can also be buried in the garden bed so only its dark brown canopy is above ground and hidden among the greenery. So once installed, it seems that music is emanating from under the plants.                                                                                         

The Sonarray system is designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions to ensure many years of reliable performance. It is made from a composite that won’t rust, flake or disintegrate over time and also resists chips and scratches.

Installation is a breeze with easy wiring of all parts. A standard AV receiver or stereo amplifier is connected to a pair of stereo speaker cables – these then connect to the speakers and subwoofer and away you go!

So get ready to enjoy the outdoors even more with the Sonarray system from Sonance.

To find out more about the Sonarray system, or any other product, please contact the team at Connected Living on (03) 9029 4343 or [email protected]