Sonos has announced that they will be releasing the improved and updated PLAY:5 in the next few months.

SONOS has retained favourite functions in the new PLAY:5 such as audio streaming and colour choice, but it has been redesigned inside and out.

One of the new features include buttonless controls - generating a modern touchpad to allow you to play and pause music, skip through tracks and control the volume.

But probably the best new feature (which is available over the whole Sonos range) is Trueplay. Trueplay lets you calibrate your Sonos speaker to adjust to the room that it is in. For example, if your sonos speaker is in a tiled bathroom, Trueplay will kill the echo that tiles can create. Trueplay can even omit dog barks or whirring fans!

To learn about more features of the new Play:5 or the new Trueplay function, you can contact us at Connected Living (03)9029 4343 or [email protected]