Photo by gizmodo

Photo by gizmodo

Many of us want the cinema style experience at home but either don’t have the room for a soundbar or cannot afford expensive surround sound speakers. Now Sonos has released a fantastic solution – introducing Playbase – a truly remarkable speaker for your TV.

Playbase has been created by Sonos for TVs that are on stands or furniture and still allow for optimal TV viewing. Playbase’s flat design allows for it to sit directly underneath your TV, and its low profile won’t raise the TV too far up.

Playbase has six mid range drivers, three tweeters and one woofer to provide full theatre sound for your TV.

Playbase is simple to set up – two cords, one for power and one for the TV – then follow the directions of the Sonos app. Once set up, Playbase will play anything that is connected to your TV, including gaming devices and cable TV. Add more Sonos speakers around the house and you can listen to what’s playing on your TV in any room. Playbase also functions like any other Sonos speaker, playing music, streaming services, podcasts and more when the TV is off.  It also features Trueplay – Sonos’ unique speaker tuning.

Another two great features of the Playbase is that it has speech enhancement (keeping varying volumes consistent) and a night sound setting (boosting quiet sounds and reducing louder ones)

Sonos have priced their Playbase and Playbar at $999 each, therefore allowing you to make an easy choice and a price-matched solution for your TV audio needs.