iPort, in conjunction with Sonos, has created a fabulous new product called xPRESS Audio Keypad – a direct WiFi control for any Sonos device.

The xPRESS Keypad allows you to have quick access to all of your Sonos music wherever you are around your home.  Keep it by your bed or couch or even in your back pocket for easy and quick access to your music library.

xPRESS has a magnetic backing allowing you to stick the device on any metallic surface – such as the fridge -  and also comes with a wall mount that you can install and put the keypad there for safe keeping.

xPRESS has a rechargeable battery that charges in an hour via a supplied micro USB cable and any USB power adaptor.

The xPRESS keypad works via the iPort app – tell the keypad what network to join and which Sonos device to control and that’s it! You can pair the xPRESS to one Sonos device at a time, but if you group that device to your other Sonos devices, your xPRESS becomes the controller to all the devices in the group. The xPRESS is also great for those who have Sonos devices hidden in cupboards or racks as the controller can provide quick access to the music “speaking” via the in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

xPRESS is simple to use and has only four buttons –

  • Play/pause – start and stop your music by a simple touch

  • Track forward – not getting in the groove of the current song? Just hit the track forward button to move on to the next

  • Favourites – direct access to your Sonos favourites - shuffle between your playlists, Pandora stations and more

  • Volume – allowing quick and easy access to volume control

And that’s pretty much it – simple and sweet – get your hands on the xPRESS Audio Keypad and start listening!