It has been some years in creation but finally the new and improved Apple TV has been released, and we have been duly rewarded. The new Apple TV has a faster processor, improved interface, more apps and a new remote control design with inbuilt microphone. And most excitingly, it has the ability to play games.

If you are unaware of what Apple TV is, it’s a set-top box that plugs into your TV and connects the internet, allowing you to stream for all your home entertainment needs – movies, TV, music and more.   

The new user interface is more modern and user friendly. It has a top row of boxes for movies and music on the iTunes store, your most used apps like Netflix or Stan, and the recently added AppStore - so TV enhanced games and Apple music are available. The new interface is built on a new OS platform called tvOS (like a hybrid of iOS and OSX). tvOS will support Siri and enable search results across multiple streaming services. It also allows third-party developers to add content to the app store effortlessly.

The new hardware is full of power – a 64-bit A8 processor currently found in the iPhone 6 Plus. This makes it mightier than its predecessor, allowing the new Apple TV to become a nifty little game machine.

The new Apple TV remote operates by a combination of physical buttons and a touchpad. It also now has a built-in microphone, allowing you to chat to Siri making the new Apple TV operable by voice. You can ask Siri to find funny TV shows then Siri searches through all apps to find some for you. Similarly, you can ask her for the sports results and she won’t interrupt what you are watching – instead a line will appear at the bottom of the screen with the information requested! The remote also uses Bluetooth, so you don’t have to point the remote at the unit anymore. But most excitingly though, the new remote allows you to play games on the Apple TV as it now has similar features of a Nintendo Wii controller.

Available now, the cost of the new Apple TV is $269 for 32Gb and $349 for the 64Gb version.

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